Caché Bistro & Lounge

The Story of…Caché Bistro & Lounge

"Yaletown in British Columbia is a neighbourhood well-known for the young, hip and luxurious boutiques, specialty stores, businesses and apartment residence. And of course, the abundance of food places of all sorts: family-oriented restaurants, pubs & breweries, lounges, coffee places etc., and of many ethnic varieties: West coast, Thai, French, Italian…The food scene in Yaletown is as rich, diverse and authentic as the potpourri of cultures that make Vancouver unique.

Over at a hushed corner of Yaletown at Drake and Hamilton Street, drastic changes takes place unnoticed, like young shoots sprouting out of the Spring soil (in spite of the cold, rainy November Vancouver winter outside). If you look closer, you will find a group of people at the core of this unstoppable ball of energy that keeps the activities going at 1269 Hamilton Street — Brother chefs Alex and Jason Mok with their passion for food, Alex's wife, Zoë with her front of house team and their details to service, and long time friend, Kinson Lai with his business acumen.  Together their range of expertise makes Caché a jewel of Yaletown.

Alex previously worked at top private Golf and Country Clubs and hotels, and has apprenticed with the former chef to the King of Belgium. Alex and Zoë had been cooking and serving friends and locals at their Vancouver apartment in an "underground supper club " — an exclusive and intimate dinner party of few with custom menus designed by Alex. Influenced greatly by French cuisine, Alex's cooking focuses on the "holistic food experience", a multi-dimensional food sensation. His innovative and user-centered menu creations have won the praises of many.

Yet, in the midst of their success as "underground supper club" hosts, Alex and Zoë have always yearned to bring their food offerings out of their apartment and into mainstream. The moment comes when an opportunity arises in the heart of Yaletown."

The Name: Caché

The name of the restaurant, Caché, means hidden or hide in French. It is appropriate in many ways: firstly, it reminisces the good old days of the underground supper club where exclusive private dinner parties were celebrated; secondly, it signifies the new era when the "hidden" is revealed and shared with the public; thirdly, it relates to the location of the restaurant, which is a quiet, seclusive escape from the hustle and bustle of Yaletown; lastly, it pays tribute to Chef Alex's style of French cuisine cooking.

Credit: Gillian Lo